Romelu Lukaku Gets More Buckets Than Ronaldo

Ethan Tait

At 23, Romelu Lukaku is one of the most dangerous strikers in football. He’s got size, skill, and pace and has managed to score most of his goals in the middle of the Premier League table.

Playing his football at Everton with little to no help from his once-hyped center attacking midfielder, Ross Barkley, makes his scoring feats that much more impressive.

Most the time, Lukaku has to do it on his own and deserves to play at a bigger club. Ronald Koeman has done enough to keep the Belgian in a Toffees jersey for at least another season, but his time in Merseyside will be up quite soon.

The fairytale of having a world-class striker to keep them afloat could only last so long.

My sincere apologies, Evertonians.

The Belgian man-child has scored 122 goals in his career thus far, placing him in the upper echelon of strikers in history.

The only players who have scored more at this age are absolute class; true legends of the game.

The list includes (the real) Ronaldo, Raul, Lionel Messi, and Sergio Aguero.

With many of the top clubs vying for the Belgian big man’s signature, the only direction for the striker to go is up.

Chelsea fucked up.

They were impatient and he was a raw talent that needed to be molded. Jose Mourinho didn’t have time for it and wanted him to be ready right away.

Chill, Jose. He needed the TLC that you couldn’t provide and you lost him. Plain and simple.

Look what you could have had, Roman Abramovich. You wouldn’t have had to deal with that wrecking ball of a muppet playing up top.

Choice was yours and you made the wrong one.

Chelsea will forever rue the opportunity to have made it (Facebook) official with Romelu Lukaku and will now have to watch him transform into a world-class striker at another European giant.

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