Blonde And Football Don’t Always Mix

Ethan Tait

Summer sixteen has ended, club football is back in full swing, Messi has unretired from international football, and Tottenham are still shit.

The summer of blonde dye has (hopefully) come to end, with every footballer attempting to look like Demolition Man.

Shouts out to Eddie Johnson for reviving the trend.

Most of the dye jobs haven’t been so bad this summer with the likes of Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez, and Neymar swapping their usual brunette look for that platinum shine.

They have managed to look half decent.

But football and dye jobs don’t mix all the time like oil and vinegar, Real Madrid and Barcelona fans, or Arsenal and anything other than 4th place.

Here are 6 of the more recent, bad blonde dye jobs that the fans of football have had to endure:

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