Branislav Ivanovic Set To Retire

Ethan Tait

Chelsea are experiencing a rocky patch in their Premier League campaign following the return from the international break. It turns out that buying a whole slew of players and plugging them into the side doesn’t necessarily produce quality football. Who knew?

Defensive security, a staple in an Conte side, has been something of a dream as of late with Chelsea conceding 4 goals in their last 2 games against Swansea City and some side that keeps mentioning its history, Liverpool.

Diego Costa is angry as ever in his attempts to kill every center back he faces in the league, but also has managed to single handedly keep the club afloat with his goal scoring efforts, tallying 5 goals thus far in the Prem.

The downfall for Chelsea can be found in the subpar performances at the back, goalkeeper included.

Thibaut Courtois has failed to recreate the magical form of his stay at Atletico Madrid and has been rather poor to start the campaign. Lucky for him, Asmir Begovic is not good enough to start in the Capital One Cup, let alone a Premier League match.

But when a goalkeeper gets exposed like Janet Jackson during halftime at the Super Bowl, there’s not much he can do.

The nipple that has been exposed, so to speak, is the poor defending of the Serbian international, Branislav Ivanovic.

He just can’t cut it in the Premier League anymore.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as his form has been dropping since Mourinho arrived at Chelsea for his second stint in charge of the club.

Ivanovic is the weak spot in the lineup and needs to be dealt with and replaced with new signing, Marcos Alonso, as soon as possible.

David Luiz commented on his partner in poor defending in his post match interview:

I went to Paris to play and Branislav was a decent defender. Now, after my return from PSG, he is shite. What happened? He can’t cross, he seems to have a vendetta for Adam Lallana, and he has aged terribly. Nothing seems to be going his way. He should join John Terry on the bench.

David Luiz

Ivanovic needs to be dropped like Tottenham’s title hopes and be replaced by a┬ácapable defender.

I hate the Blues, but I’d rather have them challenge for a top spot than be stagnant in the middle of the table.

It’s never fun to make fun of a sitting duck.

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