Donovan Coming Out Of Retirement Is A Bad Movie Sequel

Galaxy, MLS and USMNT fans were very surprised, but happy to see Landy Cakes come out of retirement. One of the greatest American players back on the pitch, with the team he won 4 MLS cups with, finishing out the season in hopes of helping the Galaxy raise the cup for the 5th time. If only it were that easy…

Donovan coming back could be compared to a movie series. Sometimes the sequel or threequel is better than the original, like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. But, to be honest, Donovan’s comeback felt more like Terminator Salvation than Terminator Judgement Day (we all know T2 was better than the original), making you question why he came back in the first place.

I know, it’s only his second game back and that he scored a goal. Fully aware of that. But being out of competition that long, and the kind of training one does while “retired,” definitely puts Donovan at a disadvantage, which is why we most likely won’t see him start for the rest of the season.

What really makes this a kick in the nuts is what it says about the MLS. I promise you if Steven Gerrard retired and then try to go back to Liverpool, they would probably be like “F*ck mate, you can maybe be a part of the coaching staff.” It makes the MLS look like a TRUE retirement league, which is a status we’ve been trying to get away from, but I guess Bruce Arena and Don Garber missed the memo, yet again.

We shall see what Donovan can truly bring to the team besides jersey sales and a 2nd half sub. So far, no one should be impressed, and as far as I’m concerned, he should have stayed home making bad commercials for EA FIFA games.

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