The way KDB celebrated the Manchester Derby win will make you love him more

Kevin De Bruyne removed any question marks over him being world-class with the forward’s performance in the Manchester derby; the Citizens attacking-midfielder was simply unplayable.

The no. 17 took this form with him to the weekend, bagging an assist and goal against the Cherries in City’s 4-0 win. But, what’s interesting about the Belgium, is to see what makes the forward ‘tick’. And that is the appreciation for the simpler and finer things in life – which keep the man grounded, the ultimate professional, and perfect player for Pep Guardiola.


The Times recently did a piece on the Manchester City man, which gave us an idea of the sort of character De Bruyne is; not materialistic, ordinary and not very renegade.

And this is what makes him so great.

After the Manchester United win, the player’s agent, Patrick De Koster, offered to take the City man out with his girlfriend to one of Manchester’s finest restaurant, drink a load of champagne, and dine on jumped up, over-priced food.

De Bruyne simply stated…

“No, Patrick, let’s get a takeaway and eat at home instead.”

Kevin De-Boring

The agent claimed he spent £40 on a takeout, and went swimming with his son. Continued below…


This sort of lifestyle is no surprise to De Bruyne’s agent. As The Times also reported, that when the Belgium signed for City, De Koster splashed out on a new Lamborghini. The agent encouraged De Bruyne to follow suit, but the ex-Wolfsburg man was happy with his Audi estate… fair enough.

In fear of being shown up in Manchester by the likes of Nicolas Otamendi and Raheem Sterling, the agent bought De Bruyne a 4X4 Mercedes… let the man be, and stop trying to make him something he’s not.

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De Bruyne’s weakness apparently is instead the wheels on his feet. The Belgium man supposedly has a real soft spot for Dolce and Gabbana trainers, so this is where he allows himself the odd treat.

Keep it up, Kev, it’s a pleasure having you in the Premier League; a refreshing change from the stupidly rich, modern-day footballers we have to deal with.

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