You’ll love Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane even more after this

We’ve all done it before. Ask anyone; smaller/younger/’not as good as you’, to come try and take you on in order to make you feel that little bit better about your footballing ability.

It could be your little sister/brother, kids in a lower year or just someone pretty shite at the beautiful game. However, it’s not exactly every day when professional players do it, but Robbie Keane, and big Stevie G, couldn’t help but take on 30 kids.

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The highlights from the clip include:

The commentators pronunciation of Steven ‘Garrard’.

0:37 – Keane getting as shown up by an eight-year-old girl as easy as the Irishman used to in the Premier League.

0:59 – the commentator again providing the amusement. ‘Garrard’ scores the opening goal, for the commentator to go – ‘the goal from Robbie Keane’ ?. Is it really that hard to get two players out of two confused?!

2:48 – a trademark pass from Stevie G’s Liverpool days, the Englishman’s still got it.

3:53 – Keano clearly gets bored, and decides to skin eight different eight year olds.

Still, the LA Galaxy lads didn’t manage to embarrass the youngsters as much as Eden Hazard in May, at least the Belgium beat someone last season… continued below…

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However, sometimes, players can be brutal to the juniors…

Joe Hart

The poor ball boy got an absolute ‘rollocking from Torino legend, Joe Hart. Guess the ‘keeper was just furious at being a total passenger from an Andrea Pirlo free-kick special.

Kevin Mirallas

To be fair to the Belgium, when you’re a goal down with little over 15 minutes left, and some chap tried to mug you off, it must be bloody frustrating.

Eden Hazard

Seems like you’ve got to catch Hazard at the right opportunity. Although the ball boy was out of order for diving on the ball, the no. 10 was well out-of-line kickin’ the young fella in that fashion.

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