Rory McIlroy says don’t call him a pea head

Rory McIlroy always wears a hat but refrained from doing so at the 2016 Ryder Cup. The question is why he did so. But now Rory has given us an answer via social media. 


A pea head?! I’ve heard people say they aren’t “hat people” or they “don’t do hat hair” but a pea head has to be the most creative excuse for not wearing headgear. I feel like the Ryder Cup team can do better than one size fits all hats. Certainly the Americans have this hat nonsense figured out because most tee ball teams have those ducks in a row.

Back to the pea head comment, Rory might be selling himself short. From what a google search tells me, a pea head is someone with an abnormally small head proportioned with their body. So check this headshot and judge for yourself!


It’s not that bad right? At least he’s not the butt of this joke:

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