Leicester City Won the Title Because of Selfies

Ethan Tait

Leicester City pulled off the nearly impossible last season by winning the Premier League with a side filled with big club rejects and bargain signings. Unfortunately, the win came at the expense of the club I have supported and struggled with for so long, Arsenal. 

Every other club in the Premier League was rebuilding, out of form, or Chelsea trying to avoid the drop. It was the perfect opportunity for Arsene Wenger to get another league title and go out on top. No league title was celebrated and Wenger remains at the helm of the Gunners.

Leicester, with the help of the magician Claudio Ranieri, who didn’t actually believe they were going to win the title until it was physically in their hands, captured the Premier League title sending the whole world into a fucking frenzy.

So much money was won by fans and people were dubbed idiots by friends and family for placing a bet on a team that barely escaped relegation and had 5000-1 odds of winning the league.

Those bastards are laughing all the way to the bank pub with rounds for everyone.

The Foxes managed to stay grounded in their flurry of wins, brilliant finishes, and the temper of Jamie Vardy.

How can a club that small deal with a rise that big? From playing teams in the Championship and lower leagues like Ipswich Town, Brentford, Bradford City, and Newcastle to playing against the best in Europe in a matter of three years is a massive change.

I’m surprised Vardy wasn’t drinking more to cope with the drastic changes.


Leicester City center-back and football journeyman, Robert Huth, attributed the key to their success to the incessant selfie taking by Arsenal’s players.

The vanity and narcissism invoked by the selfie is depriving society of any sort of positive growth, but winning a trophy by selfie is rather ridiculous.

For me the key point was when we lost to Arsenal. Everyone was celebrating, they were doing selfies. Even though we were still top. A few of the lads stuck a few of those pictures up and it got blood boiling. It gave us the extra yard in the next few games.

Robert Huth

Even without the selfie king of the Emirates, Lukas Podolski, the Gunners managed to take far too many pictures for no apparent reason.

Yes, the Gunners completed the double over the Champions, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Leicester fed off the energy from the Gunners second-place vibes and locked up the title.

I don’t think Leicester will be winning the Premier League title anytime soon, but neither will the Gunners. Robert Huth can rest easy.

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