Time For A Change! Don Garber Is Killing Major League Soccer!

Ethan Tait

Football, or soccer as the heathens call it, is growing in America, but is the United States ready for the exponential growth that is about to occur? The answer is no. 

Last week, MLS commissioner Don Garber discussed expansion plans for the league. Next year, Atlanta United FC and Minnesota United FC will find themselves in the MLS as the newest expansion clubs bringing the total number of MLS teams to 23 teams.

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Regarding the ideas for expansion of the league, Garber said:

I go to sleep at night continually thinking that we should not make the mistakes of the [original] NASL or other leagues that have expanded too quickly. It would be a shame to take our eye off the ball. But I don’t think we’re at that point yet. It’s 28 teams for us. We’re a long way from 28.

Don Garber

There will be 28 goddamn teams and there’s still a playoff system? This isn’t the NBA or NFL, Garber.

Americans think that the only way to settle things is through a playoff system and that a league table is a bunch of bullshit and backwards. Football can’t be treated like any other sport, Europe does footy right and the model for the league should be copied.

The US already has four leagues of football with the MLS, NASL, USL, and PDL levels of play, but are for the most part disconnected and are owned and operated by separate entities. Having leagues compete will deplete the talent and force the top division (MLS) to suffer as a result.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that football is growing in this country makes me happier than Rooney at an all-you-can-eat buffet, but we need to be smart about the expansion and the formatting of the league or else we will get left behind.

A relegation/promotion system is the way a football league should be managed that inspires teams to actually get better and be active in the transfer market rather than be average and still have an opportunity to win the MLS Cup. Let the magic live in the US Open Cup, consistency wins league titles.

This past weekend, FC Cincinnati broke all sorts of attendance records in the USL showing the potential of a football market in the city. Unfortunately, there are dozens of cities that are football crazy across the country that won’t get the chance to enter into the MLS market because there are only a limited number of invitations to the party.

Once the invites are sent, USL teams that wanted to make the jump have nowhere to go but to stay in the same division with hopes and dreams of making the jump to the big leagues.

To hell with this country by trying to Americanize the world’s game, it’s egotistical and frankly stupid. The way the game is structured shouldn’t be fucked with and needs to be respected.

Oh, another thing. The fact that the season runs from March to December is bullshit and it only screws with the national team. If anything, make changes for your country, Garber.

America needs help and it isn’t coming anytime soon.


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