Claude Makelele’s ‘best teammate’ will have you spitting out your coffee

The engine room, the box-to-box player; from Patrick Vieira to N’Golo Kante, no one quite plays that holding role like Claude Makelele.

The Frenchman was that good, the DM role is often referred to as the ‘Makelele role’. Imagine having a position named after you?! #LifeGoals

Source: Daily Mail

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Side-note, how good were those boots?

Anyway, the Real Madrid and Chelsea legend has been blessed to play alongside some of the beautiful game’s finest. For starters, Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane weren’t bad company in the Spanish capital, and then to Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba over in London sounds ideal.

Yet, speaking to, Makelele has made a very strange choice in regards to the best teammate he’s played alongside…

“I’m going to say Iván Helguera who played in midfield with me at Madrid. We had a great chemistry; we’d train together, we’d eat together.

He knew where I’d move on the pitch, I’d know when he was going to push up and try and score. We didn’t even need to talk, just a look was enough to know what the other was going to do.”

Ay?! What you on about, mate? Yes, the midfielder was very good with over 200 caps for Los Blancos, and I’m sure you both had many a feet-up-cup-of-tea sessions after training, but the Spaniard is nowhere near the quality of other professionals Makelele has played with.


This seems like a trending theme, are ex-pro’s in some sort of WhatsApp group, in competition at who can spout the most amount of bollocks and then gather the greatest media attention? Continued below…

The WhatsApp data suggests that Paul Scholes is well in the lead, with some recent comments on which Real Madrid players are for sale, and who is currently world-class in the Premier League.

Have a day off, the pair of you.

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