This fan’s Ronaldo tattoo will make you question mankind

It’s important to remember that football is the most important thing, of the least important things. 

Something this fan could’ve done with being told about prior to making a trip to the tattoo shop…

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Ronaldo is one of a kind, a joy to watch and is a phenomenal athlete and goalscorer. However, Mary Berry cooks with a smile on here face and is a national treasure, but you don’t see me with ‘Berry 69’ emblazoned across my back.

Why do people do these weird things? Why do ‘heroes’ make fans want to do stuff that normally wouldn’t be deemed socially acceptable?

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A drunken mistake is more understandable, but to willingly want to make yourself look like a real-life character from ‘The Simpsons’ is just baffling.

Thankfully for Ronaldo’s No.1 fan, he isn’t alone in weird tattoo-based declarations of love for footballers…

Chelsea’s John Terry and Frank Lampard or Crimewatch e-fits?


Do you remember when the Villains won the FA Cup? No, me neither.

More the host of Art Attack rather than Brian Laudrup


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