FIFA 17 won’t include Euro 2016 heroes

Ben Mountain

Iceland is the country of giants; volcanoes, Viking mythology and very good beards epitomise the island. Yet, when it comes to EA’s evaluation of the poorly-copyrighted country – big is clearly not the word…

In case you weren’t aware, FIFA is everyone’s favourite game. Period. The game has become so synonymous with football itself that you don’t even need to think twice about which FIFA we mean. It’s better known than the global governing body that provides this namesake.

Since it’s arrival in 1993 as the fresh-faced FIFA International Soccer (which for those fossils of you old enough to remember the Game Boy skill, allowed users to run away from an increasingly irate, card-brandishing referee) – the franchise has sold over 100 million copies of its various editions. It now generates revenue in excess of $650million in Ultimate Team sales alone. That makes the franchise itself worth more than just a few bob. The game has changed the face of how we watch, discuss, understand and enjoy our sport. It has been played by children and adults alike for nearly 25 years and caused the fall out of thousands of friendships. It’s a masterpiece of our time and a kingpin in the world of sport and gaming.

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So you can imagine Gylfi and co.’s horror when they were offered the measly sum of £13,300 in order to include Iceland as a playable country on the game. The president of KSI (the country’s FA, before you laugh) has said: “We don’t accept bad treatment… We made them a counter offer, which they did not accept.”

Even after Iceland’s infamous ‘Thunder clap’, over-animated commentators and gracing of Twitter with the opportunity for some great supermarket related banter, EA are refusing to budge on their offer. In return for an iconic nation, after an emphatic and historic Euros tournament, to present themselves as little pixelated characters for our entertainment delight – EA wouldn’t pay more than a Ford Feista now costs. Or even to rent Marcus Rashford for less than 2 days, should they ever need him.

So, FIFA fans across the world: no Iceland for you. Let that sink in a minute.

It is now in fact possible, should EA fail to reach far enough into their vast pockets again and if the Icelandic pull off another miracle, that we will see the country play in the real World Cup; only not the animated one. Farcical, EA. I’m thinking boycott.

The next ethical step would be to stand in arms with our Icelandic brothers and conscientiously object to buying FIFA 17. A protest for the little guy. Though, with Marco Reus now on the cover and a whole plethora of new footballing possibilities at our fingertips, maybe not. We’ll just gawp jealously at their clapping and shouting instead then. All together now…

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