German ‘keeper arrested after conceding 43 goals

We’ve all had bad days, your fury can be calmed by putting the kettle on or popping down the local pub with a few of your pals. However, we don’t think these remedies would help German ‘keeper, Marco Kwiotek. 

The poor lad was arrested after conceding 43 goals for SV Vonderort, against local rivals PSV Oberhausen. That’s a bad day at the office.

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According to German media channel,, it’s not conclusive as to why the slightly red-faced goalie has been nicked, leading to the club’s managing director to release a statement…

“We are in the dark. The police won’t tell us what happened and we cannot reach Marco on his mobile phone. But, hopefully he will be back for the next game.”

Christian Schröer


Hang on a minute, Mr Schröer. You hope he will be back for the next game?! You bloody mad? The bloke let in 43 goals; I don’t care whether it’s Sunday League or the Champions League Final, the ‘keeper should never be between the sticks again.

We would expect more of a statement from the MD asking to send out a search party for the missing Marco Kwiotek, perhaps he’s gone into Autumn hiding with that Paul Pogba chap. Continued below…


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The debate is now on in Germany, whether the goalkeeper was helping the opposition, and rigging the match, or if Kwiotek should be cut some slack as the German is simply a terrible ‘keeper.

If it sadly was rigging a game, football is no stranger to such individual stupidity after ex-Premier League pro, Delroy Facey was jailed for two-and-a-half years for match-fixing…tosser!

A more humorous arrest can be seen in Leeds, 2009 with Peter Cooling. Big Pete was nicked by 20 Police Officers during a Sunday League match, for escaping prison for drug dealing, but couldn’t avoid playing football, and got found out after his name was released on a team-sheet ?.

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