Leicester City Star Is Coming To America

Ethan Tait

Leicester City produced one of the greatest sporting feats of all time last year by winning the Premier League title in astounding fashion. The likes of  Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, and N’Golo Kante led the side into the history books by playing attractive, counter-attacking football.

Now, with the league won, Leicester City players need to start thinking about what is to come after football; they need to start planning for the next step in their lives.

Jamie Vardy looks to take his job back on the docks, Riyad Mahrez is going to be a barber to support his need for haircuts and a beard trim every week, and Christian Fuchs is looking to bring his talents to America and the NFL.

No, the 30-year-old Austrian international won’t be running routes like Odell Beckham any time soon, but would like a serious shot at becoming a kicker in the league.

I don’t see why not.

Leicester City and the Carolina Panthers formed an unlikely bromance back in January when they were tweeting at each other and cheering each other on in their respective seasons. Carolina’s season didn’t end on a high as they faced defeat in  the Super Bowl, but the relationship was a lasting one brought to us by Twitter.

5 footballers that could play in the NFL:

If Fuchs believes that he can play in the NFL and be a successful kicker and after what he did with Leicester, let him dream. He can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Regarding the move to America and American football, Fuchs said,

I have this ambition to be an NFL kicker. If NFL managers want a footballer in their team, I know I can kick a 60-yard field goal. Let’s see, if you don’t dream you won’t achieve anything.

Christian Fuchs

A left back footballer needs to be able to play a 50 yard ball towards a darting winger on the opposite flank, hitting a ball at goalposts that aren’t moving should be a piece a cake.

Why hasn’t a class footballer thought about this before?

Plus, Fuchs would be able to generate a new fan base overseas and the NFL would be able to increase jersey sales by tapping into the foreign market.

Christian Fuchs becoming a kicker would just be good business for everyone involved.

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