This David Luiz story shows he’s one of football’s good guys

David Luiz, better known as Sideshow Bob, or according to Gary Neville, a FIFA caricature. Whichever way you look at the Chelsea man, you can’t deny the Brazilian’s a top character to have back in the Premier League.

This isn’t just speaking about how the defender’s reliability at the back aids all of Chelsea’s rivals, but more of the fact that the Brazilian offers plenty of laughs, and something a little bit different to your every run-of-the-mill Premier League player.

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Football fans can be pretty cynical when it comes to gestures and ‘football stories’, and to be fair, they usually are just filled with marketing ploys to make players/clubs look like PR Gods.

However, David Luiz latest post is as genuine as they come, and just another example of why the defender is more than welcome back in England…


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That’s a top story, and shows how for all the gazillions footballers earn, there is still the likes of Luiz around, who appreciate the love and affection fans show towards players.

The very fact the defender noticed how this Chelsea fan has grown, and still recognised him five years down the line, shows how much the Brazilian values his supporters. Continued below… 


Sideshow Bob is no stranger to conveying messages of affection over Instagram, as the chap did after re-signing for Chelsea. To clear up all those filthy rumours that he got too much abuse for his curly-locks in France, hence the hat on deadline day. Instead, it was purely for the Brazilian’s old man… the lad knows where to make his bed.

Keep it up, David, and I’m sure Mr Neville’s looking forward to using you when FIFA 17 is released.

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