The reason why Adebayor is still without a club won’t surprise you at all

Did you know the Latin translation of Emmanuel Adebayor’s name is ‘absolute wasteman/muppet’? 

Like Diego Costa, now, Adebayor was basically a complete liability, with so many flaws. However, the footballing community was willing to turn a blind-eye to them, due to his impressive form on the pitch.

As the Togolese international’s time at Manchester City progressed, he became less and less of a positive to the team, and instead just fuelled the belief in him, that he only performs when he wants a new contract.

Bit of an egotistical arse-wipe, too.

The fall of the former Arsenal striker has, to be honest, been pretty pleasing for all of us to see. After bagging a lucrative contract with Tottenham Hotspur, he, of course, did nothing before joining Crystal Palace as a free-agent.

Yep, you’ve guessed it; he did sweet FA, again. And after being released at the end of last season, the jumped up prick is still without a club.

Although, Adebayor did believe he was joining Olympique Lyonnais, earlier this week. That was until the Ligue 1 outfit opted against hiring the former Real Madrid loanee. Continued below…

Manu has been in the press, blasting Lyon for their conduct in the process, suggesting that their original ‘excuse’ for pulling out of a deal, over Adebayor’s participation in the African Cup Of Nations, is a load of nonsense.

99 times out of 100, a club wouldn’t respond, and you’d imagine that’s what Adebayor was banking on. However, not this time, with Lyon’s manager, Bruno Genesio, firing back at the now-irrelevant striker:

“We had a place in our squad for Manu, so I arranged to meet him for a coffee in Lyon.

“But, to my surprise, when he arrived he asked for a shot of whisky in his coffee. He also had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“What followed confirmed my first impression that there was no room for him at our club,”

Bruno Genesio

Adebayor should just sod off to China with this lot!

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