Has Mario Balotelli finally listened to Andrea Pirlo?

Ethan Tait

Mario Balotelli would be among the elite footballers in the world if a player’s ability was based purely on talent. Fortunately for the rest of us, talent alone is not enough to be a successful footballer and that’s the reason why Balotelli has spent the last two years in football purgatory and drifting out of irrelevance at Liverpool and on loan at Milan.

Balotelli was a lost cause and ruining what could of been a promising career.


Roberto Mancini had a falling out with the Italian and wanted nothing to do with him.

This attempted roulette finish didn’t help his case either…

Liverpool saw him as the replacement for the departing Luis Suarez, but he managed to fuck that up. Then, when Jurgen Klopp took over, he couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.

The man who was Italy’s new hope at striker, the man who single-handedly carried the side at Euro 2012, and one of most verifiably insane players in the game was sliding down a slippery slope to the MLS.

But someone saw something in Balo and in the dying hours of the summer transfer window, Balotelli was signed by Nice on a free transfer from Liverpool.

Who the fuck saw that coming?

A man who was only played at top clubs across Europe, besides Liverpool, was taking his talents to the French Riviera and Ligue 1.

This was the transfer to watch Balotelli sink and find his way to China or revive his career and continue to play in Europe, it was completely up to him.

Some of Balotelli’s Greatest Moments:

Is it possible that for the first time in his life, Balo is actually being responsible? Or does he simply realize that this is his last opportunity to make it as a big name striker?

Italian and bearded legend, Andrea Pirlo, has always held the striker in highest regard throughout his time on the Azzurri with the crazy son of a bitch.

I have played with some of the best strikers, and I can tell you Mario has all the attributes to be one of the best strikers in the world. By now I thought that is where he would be, that is where he should be. He has no more time to waste.

Andrea Pirlo

Whether Balotelli listened to the Italian muse or not, he managed to find some sort of inspiration as has began his French Renaissance in spectacular fashion.

Balotelli’s four goals in two games in Ligue 1 has set shockwaves through France and propelled Nice to first place in the table, a point above PSG.

Maybe Balotelli won’t be his own worst enemy and shoot himself in the foot.

Maybe, just maybe, Balotelli’s on-field play will overshadow his off-field antics and typically unpredictable behavior.

Only time will tell…

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