The unwanted record Barcelona and Real Madrid stars have broken

MSN, BBC, we’ve all heard the acronyms. And, to be honest, those chaps setting all these records and creating the headlines is getting a bit boring. So, once in a blue moon, and a very rare blue moon at that, that they do ‘nothing’ and it’s pretty breaking news.

This week in La Liga, the six men set a new record; all started for their respective clubs, and not one of the lads found the net. Divert the search party away from Paul Pogba, the Los Blancos and Catalans have a crises in Spain.

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Over in Madrid, Ronaldo was too tied up at the hairdressers. Gareth Bale was still in France, struggling to let Euro 2016 ‘go’. And Benzema, well, the less said about the Frenchman the better.

In Barcelona, Neymar was apparently busy trying to start a career in music. Lionel Messi was at the local vet, with the Argentine trying to stop his dog from growing. And Suarez was just finishing up on the film set of Narcos.


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With the Real Madrid trio failing to find the net, Los Blancos fell short of setting a new Spanish record of 17 wins in a row. Zinedine Zidane’s side were held in 1-1 draw with the Yellow Submarines, Villarreal. Just goes to show, Real Madrid are average without the three firing.

Have a look at Ronaldo’s ultimate XI…

Barcelona could only manage a 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid. Don’t blame MSN for not turning up against Diego Simeone’s side… bloody terrifying.

After the six lads decided to take the mid-week off, I wouldn’t want to be Sporting Gijón or Las Palmas this weekend ?. 


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