Time for Manchester United To Cut All Ties With Wayne Rooney

Ethan Tait

Wayne Rooney has been the faithful servant of Manchester United and England for years. The unwavering commitment to club and country has been evident as he now wears the captain’s armband for both, but the end is near and we can all see it. 

The England international was supposed to be world-class; a footballer of the highest quality in the upper echelon like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but he stagnated and was far more interested in meat pies than football.

While they collected Ballon d’Or and set records, Wayne Rooney wasn’t nearly as successful. He still has scored goals, but the level of his success hasn’t been sustained like the greats in the world.


Rooney started his brilliant career as a No.9, leading the United line, scoring goals, and getting angry at children for playing in his swamp. But as he aged, the ability to score and really just move on the pitch has slowed, leading to managers in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era to play him at positions where he doesn’t belong.

For the love of all things that aren’t Man United, Rooney is no Paul Scholes.

The failed experiments to play him at the 6, 8, 10 roles have led to poor results and managers left scratching their heads trying to figure out how to play the captain in the starting XI.

Simple fix: don’t play him.

Paul Pogba has had a nightmare start to his Manchester United career with more haircuts than completed passes and a lot of it is due to the presence of Wayne Rooney on the pitch (and the fact that he’s overrated).

Forcing Pogba to play in a deeper role while Wayne Rooney is indecisive and poor in possession forces Pogba to defend more than he wants and prevents him from hitting bangers from distance.

Rooney has had a great career at Man United producing many highlight worthy goals and moments, but in order to salvage the club and the current season they need to cut ties with the English International.

For God sake, they would rather play Wayne Rooney in the midfield rather than use Bastian Schweinsteiger and let him rot in the reserves on £200,000-a-week. Mourinho needs to stop the slide in the Premier League and toss him from the starting XI. And not just for one game against Leicester, but permanently.

If United continue to slide, I won’t be angry by any means, but I would like for Rooney’s career in the top flight to die with dignity. He’s too proud of a striker, Englishman, and Manchester United player to cut his career in England short, someone has to make the call for him.

MLS, maybe?

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