Chelsea are London’s fair-weather football fans

Chelsea fans live further from their club’s stadium and go to home matches less than any other London club in the Premier League, research from EveryFan has found.


The social betting app surveyed 2,000 Premier League fans and discovered that a third of Blues supporters (33%) have never seen their team play at home – more than Arsenal (29%), Tottenham Hotspur (23%), West Ham United (23%), Crystal Palace (15%) and Watford (9%).

On average, they also live further from their home stadium (60 miles) than every other team. That’s almost six times further than Crystal Palace (11 miles) and Watford (12 miles) fans.

On a positive note for Chelsea fans, they’re likely to spend more on club merchandise than any of the other London teams. While their figure stands at £64, Spurs fans’ average of £29 wouldn’t even buy half of this season’s home shirt.

“With our research, we wanted to find out exactly what the modern fan looks like, and it’s thrown up some fascinating results. Chelsea’s success over the last 15 years has brought a lot of supporters out of the woodwork, but it seems that some new fans prefer their armchair to the terraces.

“It’s a huge London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea this weekend, but on this evidence there won’t be many Londoners there!”

Leon Walters, CEO of EveryFan 

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