Real Madrid rely on a player who isn’t close to being a ‘Galactico’

Ethan Tait

Real Madrid was founded upon the Galactico ideals that the most expensive stars in the world will create a team that no one can touch. In reality, it has been hit or miss. Money doesn’t necessarily equate to titles or let alone wins – shoutout to West Ham. 

Granted, some of Real Madrid’s greatest players have come with a huge price tag with the likes of Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and Alfredo di Stefano. Fortunately for Real Madrid, only one of those players almost caused Francisco Franco to use force on FC Barcelona and start another Civil War with the Catalans.

My bad, wrong Franco.

Although the current Madrid side is lined with stars, the player that has had one of the biggest impacts has flown under the radar and has experienced a rebirth at the Bernabeu because of current manager, Zidane.

In the position of Casemiro there is no one exactly like him, but we will just make some changes and be different.

Zinedine Zidane

Initially seeing Casemiro’s name in the team-sheet next to players like Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, and Toni Kroos seems far fetched and more like an act of charity than anything, but the Brazilian has been the glue that has been holding the side together.

Since the departure of the Spanish Don, Xabi Alonso, to Bayern Munich, Real Madrid struggled to have an actual defensive-midfielder in their starting XI usually deploying a man who can’t defend like Kroos.

Casemiro is proficient in attack in that deep-lying midfield role being able to switch the point of attack and occasionally score a screamer, but his true worth is found in his defensive abilities. Tracking runners and putting in crunching tackles allows for the creative genius of Modric and Kroos to show and puts them in a position to make things happen.

Casemiro is the ugly girl in a friend group that allows the more attractive friends to be paired up with the more attractive guys while she pulls the bloke with the unibrow and shit haircut away from the group. He doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves, he’s the real MVP.

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With the Brazilian international out injured, Real Madrid will have to cope with his defensive presence on the pitch and rely on a CAM or CM to do the job of a CDM, this shouldn’t go well.

Although Casemiro will only be out about three weeks with the injury, Real Madrid have crucial ties in La Liga, as well as a big midweek fixture in the Champions League against high-flying, Borussia Dortmund.

With goals galore for the German side, Real desperately needed the tackling of Casemiro in the middle of the pitch.

It’s always fun to watch Real Madrid struggle, but it’s also lovely to see a not a true Galactico sneak into the Madrid starting XI.

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