Bale hires extra security, as family forced to go into hiding due to gang trouble

If the Peaky Blinders can ever be associated with professional football, it’s with the latest feud surrounding Real Madrid’s, Gareth Bale.

This time around, it’s the Welshman playing the role of Tommy Shelby, in trying to protect his fiancée’s cousin from Darby Sabini and co.  


Bale has had armed police stationed outside the winger’s hotel in Madrid, in light of attacks on Emma Rhys-Jones’, glamour model cousin, Epiphany Dring.

It’s been suggested that Ms Dring has stolen a suitcase, which contains an estimated worth of £1million. And in similar fashion to Peaky Blinders season one, and those ‘misplaced’ guns, the case is filled with slightly more materialistic components; cash, watches, and drugs.

Seems a bit odd that the model would hijack such goods…


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Miss Ryhs-Jones grandparents have sadly been threatened at their house in Cardiff, where the model has, reportedly, been staying. Ms Dring’s mother said she’s not seen her daughter in over five-weeks, but now it’s been suggested the 22-year-old has gone into hiding in Malaysia.

In a quite shocking report from Welsh police, two cars of the family were burned in Welsh town, Flint. And petrol has been poured through Bale’s fiancee’s Aunt’s house, Jane Burns. Terrible.


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It’s incredibly sad that bricks have been thrown through the family windows home, and it doesn’t help the fact the family has history. Bale’s girlfriend’s father, Martin, is behind bars over in America after being charged for a £2million fraud scheme.

We hope the family and the couple are safe, as there is fears that Bale and Miss Rhys-Jones will be targeted in Spain due to the pair having the funds to replace the missing items and money.

Let’s keep fingers crossed in the meantime for the family.

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