PSG Player Serge Aurier Gets 2 Month Jail Term

Professional athletes, alcohol, and angry cops don’t mix. Never have, never will. That’s a lesson Paris Saint-Germain defender Serge Aurier learned the hard way, as he was handed a two-month suspended jail term today for allegedly giving a cop the People’s Elbow on the way out of a Paris nightclub earlier this year.

Details surrounding the alleged ‘bowing of a cop, are murky. The officer he is accused of hitting is a member of la BAC, a special anti-criminal unit notorious in France for being racist assholes who operate extrajudicially.

PSG fan “metacoma” dished up some good intel on la BAC that adds nuance and context to the situation,

I must add that the policeman that he allegedly hit is part of la BAC, an anti criminal unit very well know for their rascism and [aggressiveness]. Marseille doesn’t even have a BAC anymore because they were the biggest drug dealer/racketeer/gang in town… (exactly like in the tv show The Shield) They very well might have pushed him to this point, him being a rich and famous black guy and all. On the other hand he could have done it because let’s face it, he’s a bit stupid. But I don’t trust “La BAC” at all. (Brigade Anti Criminalité)

metacoma, PSG fan

For his part, Aurier has maintained he was a victim of police violence, which is totally believable.

France is a veritable powder keg right now. The country has been the victim of two major terrorist attacks in the past year; Paris in November of 2015 and in Nice in July of 2016, which fanned the flames of hatred and bigotry masquerading as right-wing nationalism.

The 23-year-old Ivorian defender will remain free pending an appeal, meaning he could be available for PSG’s Champions League fixture on Wednesday.

I’m not saying that Serge Aurier isn’t prone to fucking up. He definitely is. And he’s not the only one. Check out these other footballers who have run amok:

This is not Aurier’s first time being in the news for the wrong reasons.

He blacked out on Periscope earlier this year, taking shots at everyone from Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Angel di Maria to PSG’s then-coach Laurent Blanc.

Believe it or not, it did not go over well with the club when he insinuated that his coach was a homosexual. The club suspended him indefinitely before sending him to train with the reserves from February 29th to March 20th.


That being said, how many times in America have we seen a police officer accuse someone, particularly a black man, of doing something only to have video evidence come out that completely contradicts the official statement? Too many.

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