The conversation that should see Sam Allardyce sacked as England manager

Oh what have you done, Big Sam?! You’ve really cocked this one up. How stupid have you got to be, to disclose information, in a sport which has seen corruption thrive at top level for such a sustained period of time?!

The cat is out the bag, mate, and you might as well pack your bags, and get on the first train back to Bolton and into retirement… and you should consider that a result.

An undercover reporter for The Telegraph, filmed the-soon-to-be-sacked England boss, even before the Northerner held his first training session with the national side. In the video, you can hear Allardyce supposedly instructing fake businessmen on how to bypass FA rules regarding transfers.

The two meetings consisted of Allardyce, along with the 61-year-old’s agent and financial adviser. In a nutshell, it’s alleged that Big Sam was instructing how to ignore rules on making a profit of players through third-party ownership.

The Telegraph

One case was referring to Enner Valencia at West Ham, as the Ecuadorian was under third-party ownership when the striker was signed in 2014, under Allardyce.

The Premier League introduced new rules, L34 and L35, in the 2008/09 season which prohibited the practice of third-party ownership, as this gives the agents/sports management an unfair stake in a player  – which can lead to economic gain for the agents.

The Telegraph

It’s a total mockery of players rights; and abuses the ‘ownership’ when transfers happen, as ‘third-party’ means not all the money goes from one club to another, but investors/agents take an undeserved stake for the transfer. It potentially paints the England manager with the same brush stained over the likes of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, and the FA have to take action.

The England manager’s intentions of financial reward are made clearer through comments such as…

“I mean, obviously the big money’s here”.

Sam Allardyce

This is allegedly part of a deal worth £400,000, where the England boss would act as an adviser for a ‘far East firm’. In using and abusing this ownership of players, likely targeting South American footballers who are lacking the correct direction in a transfer situation.

The ex-Sunderland boss goes further by criticising previous England manger, Roy Hodgson, and having a jibe at his predecessor’s speech impediment.

Although, this is not illegal; it darkens the view in which Allardyce is viewed as a bit of a scumbag, and wholly unprofessional.

The Telegraph

What doesn’t help the England boss, is that he’s no stranger to corruption allegations. BBC Panorama ran a documentary in 2006, where two agents, Teni Yerima and Peter Harrison, claimed they took payments through Allardyce’s son, Craig, for some players.

The fact that the England boss has therefore allegedly been in a similar situation, and under-fire for footage displaying decisive evidence, suggests that the 61-year-old will be out the Wembley doors quicker than Roy Hodgson exited France.

Really not ideal, and this will probably be the end of a very popular figure amongst English football fans…

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