A drunk Andy Carroll and West Ham teammate have been spotted in London

We’ve all been there; you’re out of the office, away from work for a meeting or running late due to the trains. But your boss isn’t to know when your train gets in or the exact time the meeting ends, are they?! Therefore meaning, we’ve always got time for a ‘cheeky, quick one’.

Whether that’s the almost mandatory early Friday finish or a crafty half on a Tuesday, we’ve all done it. But, unlike West Ham’s Andy Carroll and Darren Randolph, we can get away with it, because we are nobodies – in truth, so is Randolph; I could walk past him in the street and not realise who he was.


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For all their money and swanky lifestyle, footballers in ability to have a personal and private life, is something we can all sympathise with. However, that all but disappears when you see Andy Carroll – who is of course injured at the moment – and Darren Randolph – reportedly drunk in Shoreditch, on a Tuesday lunchtime, being disrespectful and oblivious to their surroundings.


It’s almost accepted as fact that footballers aren’t the brightest sparks but this latest ‘what the bloody hell are you playing at?’ moment really will take some beating. Andy Carroll, in particular, should be knuckling down, with the former England international a regular source of frustration with West Ham fans.

We moan and lament agents and all the other people footballers surround themselves with. However, when idiotic, ill-advised moments arise like this, you can understand why they have a team load of advisors – someone really should’ve stopped Andy Carroll tweeting, this afternoon.



Thankfully for the Hammers duo, their side aren’t currently in the relegation zone, with a disgruntled fanbase and a half-empty stadium…

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