Jamie Vardy has revealed what made him so good last season

You actually could not write this. But, in football, sometimes the headlines just write themselves. Jamie Vardy has revealed in the striker’s new book, how giving up mixing skittles with vodka helped with his recovery and progressed him back to training when injured. 

Whether you’re a non-league footballer, or playing for Barcelona, you surely don’t need to find that quitting such a concoction would aid your recovery?!

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In the Leicester City’s star man’s book, ‘From Nowhere’, the ex-WKD lover has stated that…

“I had a dead leg — a fairly routine injury, but it was ­taking an age to get better.

I had a three-litre vodka ­bottle at home I would put loads of Skittles sweets in.

Once one batch had fully dissolved, I’d top it up with more — only the red or purple sweets because I don’t fancy the orange, green and yellow ones. I must have put a different batch in at least 20 times”.

Jamie Vardy

You could not make that up!

We always knew the England man had a sweet tooth, but we didn’t think it would stop his leg from bleeding.

After Leicester City’s physio, David Rennie, could not figure out why the torn muscle wouldn’t stop bleeding. Vardy explained what the No.9 was getting up to in his free time, #SkittleGate, and the phyiso simply responded with…

“Well, that will be why, then”

A very surprised, Mr Rennie

It was probably the easiest diagnosis the physio ever had to make. The alcohol wasn’t naturally helping the recovery, whilst the high sugary sweet catalysed the problems for the former Fleetwood Town man.

We know the English icon isn’t going to run for a position at NASA, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise such a lifestyle change will help an injury.

Anyway, it just makes the bloke more of a legend, and adds more of a story to the Vardy fairy tale.

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