Ex-USMNT Coach Bob Bradley To Manage Premier League Club

Former USMNT coach Bob Bradley is threatening a return from quasi-exile in a major way. Lex Luthor Bradley met with Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins about the soon-to-be-available head coaching job. The Swans’ current manager, Francesco Guidolin, has managed the team to right to the bottom of the table and should be fired by the end of the week. 

Bob Bradley is excitement personified. Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Bradley has had a few gigs since being sacked by the US national team, but nowhere prominent. Think truck stop reptile zoo, not the San Diego Zoo.

He was in Egypt for awhile coaching their national team, but they got rid of him like the Muslim Brotherhood (though Egypt did win 24 of their 36 games under Bradley). Since then, he’s been in Norway with Stabæk and in the French second division with Le Havre. A veritable who’s who of world football, am I right?

But hey, when you’ve amassed a total of four points through six games like Swansea City, leave no stone unturned.

The Swans have been abysmal in the Premier League thus far. They do have three more points than Sunderland, but that’s not gonna be enough for current manager Francesco Guidolin to keep his job. He’s a dead man walking.

Adding further intrigue is the fact that an American ownership group (led by D.C United owner Jason Levien that includes Landon Donovan) bought a 60% controlling stake in Swansea City back in July. Bob Bradley’s name might not ring a ton of bells overseas, but it does in America. Plus, Bob Bradley might be the only person alive less interesting than Landon Donovan, so he’s sorta like his spirit dad.

Who knows, maybe Bob Bradley will catch his second wind late in his career like Claudio Ranieri. Before leading 5000-1 underdogs Leicester City to the Premier League title last year, Ranieri wasn’t on too many people’s “Most Likely To Have A Breakout Year” lists.

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Bradley, it’s that he’s proved that he has the chops to coach a team. Maybe not well, but he can at least avert catastrophe, which is where Swansea City is headed.


Relegation Town is not a place you want to go if you’re in the Premier League. With their new TV deal, Premier League teams are being showered in cash for being in the right place at the right time, Kardashian style. The money faucet gets turned off if you drop to the Championship, so Swansea City is gonna try to ride the gravy train as long as possible. The club has been in the Premier League since 2011, and getting relegated this year would be a major step backwards.

Whether Bob Bradley emerges as the man to save Swansea City’s season remains to be seen, as Manchester United legend/serial womanizer Ryan Giggs has also been heavily linked with the job, but one thing’s for sure: change is coming to Swansea City.

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