WATCH: Tournament hosts first ever DJ on practice range

The European Tour has shown it’s innovation towards making the game more inclusive and entertaining and they’re not stopping. The Abu Dhabi Championship is the first ever tournament to host a DJ at the driving range where the pro’s practice.

DJ Reggie Yates was the man on the scene who set the mood for this new addition to traditional golf. The music ranged from George Michael’s Faith to letting Rickie Fowler spin some tables.

Most of the professionals who were there, notably Fowler and Dustin Johnson, said that they listen to music when they play on their own. Speakers on golf carts have made a huge rise recently and people are cranking up the tunes on the course. While some may say it’s distracting, music can actually relax and ease the mind, which is perfect for a golfer.

In one study, test subjects were given the option to take anti-anxiety drugs or listen to music before undergoing surgery. The results showed that the patients who listened to music had less anxiety and lower cortisol than people who took drugs.

“I enjoy having music when I’m playing, ya know, it keeps you relaxed and it’s fun.”

Dustin Johnson

Although they may not have pumped the speakers on the actual day of play, having a DJ on the driving range is definitely something new and exciting for golf, for professionals, and for fans.

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