WATCH: Argument on golf course leads to assault with a deadly weapon

Video reveals how some people lose their patience in a manner which is hard to believe.

This is what the Instagram caption had to say:

“Never seen anything like this!! 2 groups coming to blows on the golf course! Watch the guys on the right… Dude snaps his driver over the other guy’s back! Lucky it didn’t connect with his head!”

Indeed, neither have I. What could someone possibly do on a golf course that would warrant this level of retribution?¬†We all have to deal with the occasional muppet, but we reassure ourselves that there’s a special place in hell for the person who plays the wrong ball. The thought of reaching for a golf club and going level Elin Nordegren would never cross my mind.

Golf fights can produce some comical outcomes, and it’s normal for each party to quickly retract themselves from the violence after the red mist has cleared. These guys are a perfect example:

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