Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Conor McGregor are the same person

Ethan Tait

When you look at Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and UFC Champion Conor McGregor you see two completely different people. One might be a 6’5″ Swede who scores acrobatic goals for fun and the other a 5’9″ Irish ball of anger who beats the shit out of people for a living. But despite their physical differences they are the same person. 

One plays the beautiful game all over Europe (on Thursdays) and the other fights in the octagon of UFC, but the egos of these two are second to none.

Sorry, Cristiano Ronaldo. These gents are in a league of their own.

Here are a few ways in which these narcissistic, over confident bastards are the same:

Impoverished Beginnings

Both gave a giant middle finger to their difficult lives, they grinded, and earned their successes.

Connor McGregor found difficulty later in his life as he was trying to make it as a UFC fighter. He struggled long and hard trying to make his dream work and finally he gets to kick asses for a living.

Zlatan was raised in a difficult situation where crime and theft were the name of the game. Football gave him an outlet and helped produce the player we see today.

They rate themselves as the best…and they don’t let anyone forget it.

The big Swede never fails to produce quote worthy material when speaking to the press. He’s the most headstrong and cocky player in football, bar none.

I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

After his most recent fight against Nate Diaz, the fiery Irishman wanted Floyd Mayweather next. He doesn’t give a fuck and puts himself at the top with the best.

He’d try and fight Muhammed Ali if it were possible.

Dope Ink

Zlatan and McGregor share a similar love for inked skin.

Zlatan is covered in tattoos. Plain and simple.


McGregor has a chest and stomach piece that just make him look like someone you’d find in an alleyway in Dublin waiting to kick your ass if you didn’t pay up on your bet.

They don’t stop winning.

Everywhere Zlatan goes, he brings his league title-winning mentality with him. Throughout his well-travelled career across every inch of Europe, Zlatan has won titles upon titles. Although the Champions League has eluded him and will continue to do so at United, but when Zlatan comes to town he wins.

Connor McGregor doesn’t take shit from anyone especially in the octagon. Although he’s suffered a few defeats most notably against Nate Diaz (but then won in part two), he doesn’t lose very often. Plus, once he wins he wants something more difficult, a bigger challenge. Winning fuels him.

The two men combined have enough ego for the rest of us, but never fail to entertain.

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