10 footballers who will have nobody at their funeral

World-class’, ‘legend’ and ‘best ever’ are thrown around so easily nowadays, they’ve lost all meaning. We fail to recognise a player in form to a player of genuine talent – there’s a difference.

This means that it’s becoming a lot harder for players to truly be remembered, to go down in football history’s hall of fame – coupled with the fact that the average level of footballers is consistently growing; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo being around, doesn’t help either.

Another day and another era, these chaps would be on pedestals, but sadly they’re destined to be forgotten quicker than Sam Allardyce’s England tenure.

Begs the question as to how footballers can make themselves memorable, around the late 90s, you would’ve bet your bottom dollar that a player of Michael Owen’s talent and impact was going to go down in football history. However, with every BT Sport appearance, that nail in the coffin gets smacked further and further in.

Or perhaps footballers don’t actually want to be remembered? Perhaps they’d rather ride off into the sunset at the age of 29 like Hidetoshi Nakata.

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