WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo should face retrospective action from UEFA after kick

Yes, the Real Madrid man is simply brilliant, and yes, the No.7 has a record breaking 97 Champions League goals! But, that doesn’t give the lad the right to be immune from referees.

And it would seem that the Los Blancos star got away with a couple of pretty lucky decisions against Borussia Dortmund, and probably should be facing a three-game ban in the European competition.

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In a top game between the Bundesliga side and Ronaldo’s Real Madrid – which ended 2-2 after a late André Schürrle equaliser – there were a couple of occasions where Ronaldo was a very lucky boy.

For starters, how did the 31-year-old get away with this handball?!

“Nope, nothing to see here”


The decision where CR7 was extra fortunate is when he clearly made an attempt to kick a Dortmund defender. You can’t do that, pal. Guarantee had this been from a Luis Suarez or Diego Costa figure, the strikers would have had every ‘Tom, Dicky and Harry’ across Europe calling for a three-match ban.

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We do like the way the Dortmund defender didn’t make a song and dance about the incident, but, still, Ronnie can’t be chucking out Jackie Chan’s and expect it to go unnoticed.

Despite Ronaldo’s petulance in this situation, the reported rift between the Portuguese and manger, Zinedine Zidane, has completely died following Ronaldo’s furious reaction after being substituted on the weekend against Las Palmas.


Still, we never quite understand why people make such a thing of footballers showing anger or disappointment in being substituted. Of course they should be angry, it’s an early bath and valuable minutes away from the beautiful game.

Whatever the star’s relationship with the manager, though, it might not be enough to save him from action from UEFA following the kick… We’ll wait and see.

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