WATCH: Pro wrestler tosses caddie into water hazard

If there’s one thing you should take away from this, it’s don’t mess with a pro wrestler. The PGA Tour released this (15 year old) clip of pro wrestler Bill Goldberg tossing a caddie, or just some random guy in a visor, into a water hazard.

It’s clearly staged, as those half ass punches were definitely not meant to do any serious damage, not that he could have if he had tried. It’s pretty darn comical though. Take a look for yourself.

You never know what’ll happen on 17… Especially when #Goldberg is there ?⛳️?

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He really launches him!! Then Goldberg proceeds to chase a guy around the green. Not sure what this was trying to accomplish but it’s straight comedy.

The vault released another epic #tbt clip of Phil Mickelson’s hat falling off and a camera guy falling over in a heroic show of events.

Phil makes a lot of par saves… But this hat save by the camera man was pretty good, too.

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If you didn’t know already, Phil Mickelson now has his own logo.. of himself. This might be the biggest ‘Phil being Phil’ moment of all time.

Hopefully these PGA Tour vault clips started your weekend off right. Cheers.

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