Ravel Morrison takes aim at Allardyce on Twitter, as Cardiff look into previous transfer

Oh, Sam; you had everything you’d ever wanted. And the footballing world of England wanted you to have it, too. 

And you royally fucked it, good and proper, thanks to greed, arrogance and naivety.

But, it may not end there with the former England manager losing his Three Lions job after 67 days, in fact, that may just be the beginning.

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The Telegraph haven’t stopped with their undercover Far East businessman ‘trick’, and the newspaper are now suggesting that Cardiff City are looking into their loan deal to take Ravel Morrison from West Ham – who Sam Allardyce was manager of, at the time.

When the chop fell on Big Sam, and the news broke of the ‘interest’ in Morrison’s move from East London to Wales, the now-Lazio midfielder went to Twitter and did the classic footballer tweet trying to be cool, yet cryptic, but ultimately just looking like a bit of a melt.


Ok, he didn’t look like a melt but he still is one.

This all falls back on initial unfounded rumours in 2014, that Allardyce and Morrison had, had a falling out over the then-Hammers manager putting pressure on the former Manchester United youngster to drop his agent and sign-up with Big Sam’s own man, Mark Curtis.

Still, you can’t blame people for not batting an eye lid at Ravel Morrison’s comments. Not even the great, Sir Alex Ferguson, could control the youngster. It led to the Scot suggesting, Morrison, was one of the saddest cases he’d overseen…

“Ravel Morrison might be the saddest case. He possessed as much natural talent as any youngster we ever signed, but kept getting into trouble.

It was very painful to sell him to West Ham in 2012… but, over a period of years, the problems off the pitch continued to escalate and we had little option but to cut the cord.”

Sir Alex

Whatever therefore comes of the investigation – it still won’t change the fact that Ravel Morrison cocked up his own career, no matter how often he tries to blame someone else.

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