FIFA 17 Failed These Two Groups

FIFA 17 hit gaming devices worldwide this week. While a new The Journey mode is receiving praise, EA Sports failed two groups with this year’s edition. 

The FIFA series is not only the biggest sports video game franchise in the world, but one of the biggest gaming brands across all genres and platforms. Ever year EA Sports adds tons of new features, teams, stadiums and more to make it the most authentic version yet.

This cycle, their new mode called The Journey is getting all of the attention. However, not being talked about is how EA Sports basically screwed over two different parties in the 2017 edition. While 95% of FIFA’s work is great, sometimes their power and influence are not used in the best way.


They were the darlings of the Euro 2016 tournament. We all heard the ridiculous stats about how Iceland had about 33% of their entire country in France. So of course this year you’d like to play as Iceland in a tournament, or maybe dive into their league play. Well too bad!

EA Sports reportedly offered Iceland about $17,000 to be included in the game. That’s right, $17,000 for the entire FA, national team setup, full set of league teams to split. Thanks a lot for ruining our chance to experience the Icelandic fans ‘Thunderclap’.


“I think hundreds of millions play this game. Iceland is a cult team so it would get even more attention. It is often the smaller teams with interesting players that get popular in this game.”

Geir Thorsteinsson, KSI chief

Inside of riding their wave of success and popularity, the Iceland FA and their fans are left feeling like Ronaldo in the Euro final (the first half version).


A big feature of FIFA 16 was that is was the first soccer video game to feature the women’s game. Coming off of a popular 2015 Women’s World Cup in which the US won, several national team setups were included in FIFA 16. However, a year later they have been completely forgotten!

Sure, they added two national teams, but it seems like that effort was an afterthought. There are tons of leagues, teams and players being ignored by EA Sports. It is ridiculous that this year wasn’t the debut of the first women’s league in-game. You can only play national team one-off matches or custom tournaments so many times.

FIFA 18 needs to include either the NWSL (US) or the WSL (UK).

Players need the ability to not only progress through league play, but it will also give people a chance to learn about the clubs. EA Sports should be a part of raising awareness for the women’s game rather than yet another outlet maintaining the status quo.

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