WATCH: Guy bombs 285 yard drive with a kids club.. backwards

Tommy Hug, 3rd in the World Long Drive Rankings, decided he wanted to give some lessons on how to bomb a drive on a simulator.

The catch? He’s using a junior driver and hitting backwards. Apparently the flex in the club gave him the extra push but damn, he carried the ball 285 yards with it! Some Most┬ápeople can’t do that with a normal club!

Golf tips from Tommy Hug. Listen up kids. Very important @worldlongdrive @golfchannel

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I mean this guy was beat out by only two other people in the World Long Drive rankings, so he can clearly handle a driver. His longest distance ever was 459 yards!! I would like to see him and Dustin Johnson swing side by side.

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Not only does this guy have supernatural golf skills, he’s also a chill dude. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and loves the game like the rest of us. Tommy Hug is just one of the guys.. that can drive┬áthe ball 400+ yards.

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