The Theo Walcott Hype Train Needs To Stop

Ethan Tait

At 16 years of age, a youthful and naive footballer from Southampton by the name of Theo Walcott was signed by Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. He was a project for the future, but his natural lightening pace and ability to skip past a defender made him an attractive prospect. He was meant to be the next star following in the footsteps of King Thierry Henry and eventually win the Balon d’Or.

Here we are 11 seasons later, Theo Walcott still hasn’t won the Balon d’Or (nor will he ever) and has progressed very slowly since his arrival at the best team in North London.

There has always been the debate on whether or not Walcott should play as a true striker or utilize his pace on the flank. He’s dabbled in both in his career, but once he’s out of form in one position it seems as if he wants to the other position in order to keep himself on the pitch; he’s lived in limbo for his entire career.

One year he scores 20 and the next he’s back to single digits.

This season with Alexis Sanchez playing in the striker role, Walcott has been forced out to the flank once again. Being a true Arsenal fan, I didn’t expect much. Maybe a goal here and there, but nothing too significant.

Unfortunately, I have been wrong thus far.

Theo Walcott has been playing fantastic football as of late with four goals in his last three outings, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Manchester Untied legend Roy Keane isn’t sold on Walcott’s rejuvenation as a footballer.

It’s taken him a while to get a settle at the club, hasn’t it? Ten years? Listen the guy [Theo Walcott] needs to relax; he’s had a good week. Try playing well for the next seven, eight, nine months when the real crunch games come.

Roy Keane

Keane went straight for the jugular and saw the opportunity to have a knock at Arsenal, but he’s right.

We can’t be tweeting away and let his ego get too big.

Theo Walcott hasn’t been able to sustain form throughout his career. He’s been plagued by injuries and an inability to finish at times, so I’m not counting on Walcott to be the scoring Messiah for the Gunners this season.

I will enjoy this scoring spree in the moment and hopefully it will continue, but I’m not getting ahead of myself and neither should other Gunners fans.

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