Danny Willett shows off Masters win in most obnoxious way

Danny Willett shocked everyone by beating out Jordan Spieth at the 2016 Masters, gaining the coveted major title and green jacket. Since then, he has taken it upon himself to remind the world he won every chance he gets.

He wore the crisp green Masters jacket to Wimbledon, a star-clad tennis event. He knew his picture was going to be taken so why not be wearing golf’s most famous article of clothing for the photo op. Then he got got a rare Masters license plate put onto a bright and shiny new McLaren, reminding us all of our inadequacies.

He’ll have to return the jacket come April, and as if the car wasn’t flashy enough, he created this new art piece to commemorate his major win.

This was Willett’s first Masters win, so it was a pretty big deal, but this seems a bit tacky to me. Then again he named one of his kids Spike, so it could just be in his nature.

I would love to see Willett place the jacket on Spieth this year, just because last year was so amazingly awkward. Maybe the heavens will open and he’ll be putting the jacket around Tiger’s shoulders. April can’t come soon enough.

Source: Twitter @heelsrule1988
Source: Twitter @heelsrule1988

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