Brittany Lincicome channels her inner John Daly

And I thought John Daly knew how to party. However, Brittany Lincicome set a new bar in the Bahamas Wednesday night.

So how did she prepare for an opening round 64 at the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic?

Source: Twitter/@LPGA
Source: Twitter/@LPGA

Well first, Lincicome thought she would hit the Blackjack table. Wait I should back up a bit, because the afternoon came with a nap and a swim with dolphins. Returning to dusk, Brittany meant to spend just a few hands at the table.

Despite good intentions, Brittany spent four hours at the casino and missed the dinner she went to the casino to wait for in the first place. Fresh off winning 200 big ones, Lincicome did what anyone would do…buy some adult beverages and eat some goldfish.

Source: Andy Hooper
Source: Andy Hooper

Brittany’s night sounds more like my Friday nights than getting ready for a golf tournament. I’m sure that contributes to why I’m not a pro golfer but that’s a story for another day.

After channeling her inner John Daly, how did Lincicome play on Thursday? To start, she racked off four birdies in the first 5 holes and rounded the turn with an eagle on the par 5 seventh.

Not until the 18th did Brittany have a gander at the fact she could go ten under. But that got to her and she finished off with a par on 18, bringing her score to a still great 64 and set the tournament record.

Brittany Lincicome’s 64 set the tournament record and tied the course record at #PureSilkBahamas

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The two time major winner putted only 24 times Thursday in a dominant take of the lead. Can she continue the role she’s on? Maybe she should hit the roulette table all weekend. But maybe not, because if i know anything about gambling, thinking your on a hot streak is really how casinos make their money.

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