Diego Simeone Needs To Be Arsenal’s Next Manager

Ethan Tait

In 1996, Arsenal appointed Arsene Wenger as their manager and the rest is history. Wenger has now been at the club for two decades – a time in which Chelsea has had about 15 different managers, Tottenham has been the worst club in North London, and Manchester United find themselves going from table toppers to Europa League dwellers. 

Despite the great early success in the Wenger tenure including the Invincible season, multiple FA Cups, and the signings of Lord Niklas Bendtner, he has been very underwhelming of late.

A nine year title drought made any Arsenal fan want to jump on the oil money bandwagon and become Man $hitty fans, but we persevered and won consecutive FA Cups.

But it isn’t anywhere close to being enough. Arsenal fans crave a Premier League title and are salivating at the opportunity of it.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Wenger being the man to deliver the Premier League back to the Gunners. We appreciate your service to the club and all you’ve done for 20 years, but it’s time to find someone who will bring the strike the fear of God into opponents.

The only option is Diego Simeone.

Here are 5 reasons why Diego Simeone should succeed Arsene Wenger:

El Cholo has made Atletico Madrid one of the most dangerous teams in Europe and produces exciting football. With his contract recently shortened, I believe it would in the Gunners best interest to pick up the former Argentine international.

He’s built the Atletico Madrid machine into a team that I believe in currently the best in Europe.

I know people will say I am full of shit for such a proposition and a defensive manager, but with the quality already in the side combined with the knowledge of Simeone would create a strong backline stronger and would allow for the more creative players to flourish.

Arsenal would have to look to strike a deal quickly in order to prevent other teams from swooping on the terrifying Argentine. Plus, that would just add to the derbies and big matches in the Premier League.

A big personality is necessary for the successor of Arsene Wenger in order to pave a smooth transition from the Wenger era and you don’t get much bigger than El Cholo.


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