An apology to Steven Tinoco, Paige Spiranac’s fiancé

Old Boredom is a heartless creature. But even I, in my basement lair, felt a pang of guilt and regret in the space where my heart should be after seeing this comment from Steven Tinoco on our Facebook page.
A genuinely modest fellow! A bigger man than me—and not just with respect to bicep measurements—to take the high road as I dragged his good name through the muckiest of mucks in my “Meet the man who gets to marry the hottest woman in golf” hit job.

Here at CLICKON, nobody is beyond satire and a good prodding. That said, nobody expected Steven Tinoco (or by extension, Paige Spiranac) would see the piece.

So here’s something unprecedented in our brief history: An apology. No, not for making fun of Paige Spiranac of Steven in general, that’s about all the withered little brain beneath this Stetson is good for. But rather, for a couple of angles of attack that were decidedly below the belt.

  • As Mr. Tinoco is right to suggest: There’s nothing emasculating or wrong with doing everything you can to support your significant other. Period. If you’re able to head overseas to carry her golf bag, you absolutely should do it.
  • Calling Tinoco a “failed baseball player” was unfair. As a sports outlet, we respect his passion for the game and dedication to playing at the highest level he can.
  • The gym stuff, well, you sort of earned that, Steve. Ripping the Bible verse, however, wasn’t exactly the essence of class on my part.


And here’s the hard truth about Paige Spiranac: Her posts are no more obscene than many marquis LPGA Tour players. Michelle Wie? Lexi Thompson? There’s no doubt she’s putting in the work in the gym and on the range and trying to play the professional game. She shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for posting on Instagram simply because she doesn’t have the same level of accomplishment as the aforementioned.

And certainly I wish the couple nothing but days of wine and roses.

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