WATCH: ‘keeper destroys opponent with a kick Conor McGregor would enjoy

Ethan Tait

Latin America is notoriously sketchy. Drug cartels, a history of government issued killings, and early international soccer retirements highlight the terrifying nature of the continent. When it comes to fútbol, the passion and utter insanity are not exempt. 

Chile is at the top of the South American football hierarchy at the moment with the last two Copa America trophies in their trophy case, but that doesn’t exempt them from moments of madness.

This past weekend, a goalkeeper in the Chilean third division attempted to decapitate an opposing player by using his foot. Lucky for his opponent, he was unsuccessful.

But take a look at the intent of the goalkeeper in this video.

This homie was trying to play a sixty-yard ball using the head of his opponent; that is some sacrificial Mayan ball game type shit.

The game was being played in the Chilean third division which can’t be better than a Sunday League game – with occasionally the club paying for beers following the match.

Here are 5 wrestlers that could make the switch to soccer:

From the video, we really can’t see what the reason was for the attempted ‘Hulk’ smash, but there doesn’t seem like much. There is a little contact on the goalkeeper following what looked like some sort of set piece into the box, but the ‘keeper reacts as if John Terry had just shagged his wife.

The reaction was violent, unnecessary, and jail-worthy as the goalkeeper received his red card and was subsequently taken to spend a night in a cell. Granted, a kick like that would put the goalkeeper in good graces with fellow inmates as he would appear to be a badass.

At least he wouldn’t have to worry about dropping the soap.

For his actions, the goalkeeper will be suspended for four years by the governing body of the Chilean third division, but knowing a little about Latin American politics, he should be playing next week.

The victim of the UFC style kick should recover…eventually and should be back on the pitch sometime in the future.

Words for the wise, you’re never safe on the pitch. No matter what, some bastard might want to kick you in the head.

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