Introducing: The next best party game combines corn hole and chipping

Move over Puttskee, a new golf game is about to change the tailgate game forever.

The kickstarter for Chippo introduces the game as, “the glorious lovechild of golf and classic backyard games like cornhole (bean-bag toss) and washers. Grip it and chip it!”

What you get: 2 turf covered target boards, 2 heavy duty chipping mats and 6 high density foam golf balls. You’ll have to use your own golf clubs, which makes sense, since we’re not all Bryson DeChambeau and use different length clubs.

The rules: Flip a coin to start. Easy enough.

1 point: Just hit the board on a fly.
3 points: Drain your shot in the larger center hole.
5 points: Send the ball to its home in either top corner hole.
2x points: If you’re a surgeon with a sixty degree wedge, bounce your shot off the chipping mat for double (2, 6 or 10) points. Promptly yell “Mashed Potatoes!”

You can read more about the creators and the game on their Kickstarter, but basically this is the best idea since sliced bread!

History books are strewn with great and prescient inventors. Men who were able to see into the future, beyond the boundaries of their own time and place, toward a version of the world that was better, more perfect, more beautiful. Men like Edison, Franklin, Tesla, Jobs. Brendan and Matt, the co-founders of Chippo Golf LLC, have one thing in common with these men: Brendan and Matt are also men.

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