Tiger thinks old guys rule; sees similarities with Federer

A lot of people compare Roger Federer’s recent 18th major victory to Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors.

Naturally, Tiger Woods minds a little because he only has 14. Instead of moaning about it, Tiger looks to use this as inspiration.

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But how does a tennis star relate to golf star? Well, Tiger and Rodger offer interesting parallels. Aside from both being Nike royalty, the two represent the old guards in their respective sports. They also know each other very well. Both dominated sports in the early 2000s and continue to print headlines. Federer’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, with seemingly no end despite most of my life passing by.

Tiger looked that way, before his life dissolved with a swing of a golf club, albeit into a car rather than a fairway. I mean in 2008, Tiger legitimately convinced me he could play without legs. Now, all Tiger Woods wants is a swing without an ache in his back.

As for Tiger himself, he shared this tidbit on Federer at the Dubai Desert Classic:

“He’s rehabbed properly and you can tell how fast he’s moving. He’s shortened up points, changed his strategy around a little bit.”

Tiger might want to reach out to Federer, who’s 6 years younger than him and probably has some great tips on getting old. But at the same time, it might be tough for someone like Federer, the human epitome of perfection, to talk with someone who fell so hard he’s still struggling to get back up.

Maybe Tiger needs more, and by more I mean someone like Batman, who would just come out with “The reason you fall, is to get back up again.”

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On Tiger, I think he needs someone who doesn’t set the bar at the top. You can’t make a comeback and expect to play like you did when you were dominating the PGA, even if you’re Tiger. Will he win? Yes. But it won’t be easy and it may not come soon. I think it’s unfair to expect Tiger to do great right off the bat. It’s also unfair for us to hold Tiger to the same standard as say 2008.

All that being said, let’s give Tiger a break. Let’s let him play golf on his own schedule, not when we want him to win. If anything, Tiger might be able to get some advice on his tiny calves.

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