Russell Westbrook: MVP or poor man’s Iverson?

I can’t stop watching Russell Westbrook play. He’s a human highlight reel; a factory of paranormal basketball activity; a gem that should not be taken for granted.

He could become the second player in NBA history to average a triple double for the season. If he wins MVP he will be the only player to average a triple double and win league MVP in the same season. He just surpassed the great Wilt Chamberlain for the most triple doubles in a season with thirty-two. Now there’s a guy with some stories.

Here are 16 true stories about Wilt Chamberlain:

Russell Westbrook is amazing to watch. But every time I watch him, I can’t stop thinking of someone else. He makes a killer move and I’m thinking of another killer. He wears something cutting edge and I can’t help thinking about someone else just as outlandish. Every time he makes a gas face I think of someone just as incredulous.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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Watching Russell Westbrook makes me think of Allen Iverson. A less successful Allen Iverson.

Less successful?  Westbrook? How so?

Quick! Name another player on the Philadelphia 76ers 2001 NBA Finals team?

Did you guess Dikembe Mutumbo? Probably not. Maybe you went with the less popular Speedy Claxton or Todd MacCulloch. Truth is, Allen Iverson was so good he brought a relatively boring roster to the NBA Finals. He didn’t win, but beating the Kobe/Shaq Lakers would have been difficult for anyone, even Superman.

Allen’s teams were always good. The Sixers were worse off than they are today when the Bubba Chuck showed up and started crossing everyone out of their undies, including Michael Jordan. He made Philadelphia basketball relevant again and brought the team into the playoffs, one dazzling show after another.

Allen and Russ have similar career stat lines, are explosive offensive players and garnered plenty of attention for what they do on the court and what they wear off the court. Allen had a finals appearance in his fifth year; Russ had one in his fourth. They were both members of the All-Rookie team and both are perennial All-Stars.

But Allen won Rookie of the Year and added a league MVP the same year he brought that boring roster to the NBA finals. Russ has yet to carry a load that heavy and go that far. He did make a finals appearance and lose to the Heat, but did it with two other MVP candidates on his team in Durant and Harden. Iverson did it with Theo Ratliff being the next leading scorer.

I know now why Allen thinks Russ should win the MVP – Allen said it himself.

When you’re doing something in this day and age that we’ve never thought we would see ever again; what Russ is doing is incredible. He’s not playing with superstars.

Allen Iverson on Russell Westbrook winning the MVP

Russ could still get it done. It’s not like it’s over for him. He’s really almost as good as Allen Iverson. But almost won’t be good enough.

No one can argue that Iverson was as ferocious a dunker as Westbrook. Where does Russ fit on the list of all-time great dunkers?

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