Hell Has Frozen Over, Spanish Football Is In Shambles

Ethan Tait

Unlike the Premier League, La Liga is supposed to be decided by what team can put more on a beating down on the rest of the league. The league minnows are not supposed to have a chance at winning against the top three clubs of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. For God’s sake, the likes of Sevilla and Villarreal aren’t supposed to win either. 

For that, I usually refrain from watching Spanish football unless it’s a derby match or the Champions League, I’d rather not be bothered.

Fortunately for us, hell has frozen over and La Liga is an interesting league again.

Here’s a look at the top three teams in Spain and why they’re struggling:

Smaller clubs are using brilliant tactics to slow up the top three Spanish clubs. Such results are good for football.

Spanish football has ruled Europe and the world for that matter, with Spanish sides sweeping the European club competitions for the past three years. Sevilla has won three consecutive Europa League titles while Real Madrid (2x) and Barcelona have won the past three Champions League titles.

Could this possibly signal the end of the Spanish dominance in Europe?

The world-beating national team has been replaced, and Spain’s golden generation is either playing in MLS or fading out of relevance.

English sides have struggled in European cups lately because of the myriad of manager changes at top clubs and the fact that the English season is one of the most grueling demanding in all of Europe, if not the world.

The last English team to lift the Champions League was Chelsea in 2012 when they beat Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. Since then, English teams have been punchless. Arsenal can’t manage to get past the round of 16, Manchester United is in the Europa League, Chelsea doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing, and Manchester City can’t manage to beat Celtic.

With smarter managerial appointments and English sides playing well, more success in the Champions League could be possible.

In Spain, top clubs have to use top talent all the time in order to win the league, which requires more effort.

I support an end to Spanish dominance in Europe.

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