Bob Bradley Makes History As First American Coach In Premier League

Bob “Lazarus” Bradley is officially the newest coach in the Premier League and the first American to ever manage a Premier League side. Swansea City announced Monday that they have parted ways with manager Francesco Guidolin.

While Bradley been toiling away in relative obscurity – Egypt, Norway, the French second division – since being sacked by the United States men’s national team in 2011, his hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Bob Bradley with the Egyptian national team in 2012. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Bob Bradley with the Egyptian national team in 2012. Source: Wikimedia Commons

His experience with the Egyptian national team, where he won 24 of 36 games, comes with an asterisk given the political turmoil inside Egypt that defined his tenure there.

After Egypt, Bradley managed Norwegian club Stabæk Fotball, becoming the first American to coach a side that qualified for the Europa League in the process.

In late 2015, he signed a two-year deal to manage French Ligue 2 side Le Havre AC. But when the Premier League comes calling, you answer.

Swansea City gave manager Frencesco Guidolin the axe after he won just two of 10 games in all competitions this season. In his defense, four out of the last five games Swansea City played were against Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City (twice).

He emerged winless from those five contests, but Swansea City played relatively well. It’s always going to be tough sledding when you’re playing against the titans of world football, and frankly, the Swans were unlucky not to get results from some of those matches.

Curiously, Guidolin’s sacking hasn’t elicited the response you’d expect from fans. You’d think the Swans’ fanbase would be ecstatic to see a manager who’s only won 20% of his games this year get the boot, but quite the opposite is true.

It seems that the American ownership group that bought a 60% controlling stake in Swansea City in July has not done a lot to inspire confidence.

This is just absurd. Absolutely crazy because this isn’t the club we pride ourselves on being. We’re supposed to be an example of how to run a club but suddenly we’re becoming an example of how not to run a club. This makes me so angry and I feel so bad that our club has treated Guidolin like this. The only thing that I can think of is if there was something seriously wrong behind the scenes, which there didn’t appear to be.

Don’t know what happens next, I’m just so confused right now. This isn’t my Swansea.

Kim_Jong_Unicycle, Swansea City Fan

Swansea City fans seem universally against firing Guidolin.

I bloody hope there’s some stuff going on behind the scenes otherwise this is an absolutely baffling [decision].

Bradley will have my full support but I just really didn’t want Guidolin to go.

VengM9, Swansea City fan


Even though I wasn’t a huge Bob Bradley fan when he was coach of the USMNT (because the man’s physically incapable of showing emotion – he’s like the anti Pinocchio; a real man who wishes he was made of wood) I wish him nothing but the best in the Premier League.

It’s a good look for American soccer to have an American coaching in the Premier League, and after all, isn’t true footballing legitimacy the ultimate goal for the good ol’ U S of A?

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