The latest Adam Johnson in prison story will make you sick

One of the biggest fools in football, Adam Johnson, has still been cashing in stupid amounts of money behind bars. The Daily Star reported how the ex-Sunderland winger is baggin £5,000-a-week, totalling £260k-per-year. One word: sickening. 

Thought you worked hard for your 9-to-5, by the time the bloke will be released from his six-year sentence, the shamed footballer would have earned over £1.5 million. Jesus.


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The ex-England international supposedly has a few properties dotted around the North, meaning he’s not lifting a finger to be taking such a vast amount of money.

Saying that, the news doing the rounds a few months ago was that Johnson had taken a cleaning role in prison, earning £8 for sweeping the floor and clearing the bins. Having given up on that quicker than his Man City career, the winger then apparently landed a £20-a-week job as a prison barber. Seems like he’d make a safe choice as a hair-dresser, with the 29-year-old’s approval of the short-back-and-business look.


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Whatever the ex-pro is up to behind bars; be it chopping inmates lids, or sweeping the decks, surely the sentenced player should be stripped of the property licenses, and not be cashing such a large sum of money! Thoughts?

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