WATCH: Eden Hazard Steals Mic To Interview Willian And Costa

It’s hard to dislike Eden Hazard after you’ve seen him play, but it’s impossible not to like him after you’ve seen the way he acts off the pitch. Watch as he steals the mic from a Chelsea TV reporter to score post-game interviews with Willian and Diego Costa in a good natured attempt to make them speak English:

It’s worth noting that Willian dedicated his goal to his mom, who is currently battling cancer. Stand up guy, Willian.

Blues fans worldwide have to be just giddy that he spurned untold fortunes from the Chinese Super League to remain in London with Chelsea.

This isn’t the first time Eden Hazard has had some innocent fun at the expense of his teammates.

Watch him absolutely lose it when Chelsea teammate Branislav Ivanovic tries to say the tongue twister “please support human appeal” at a fundraiser:

Hazard is the kind of guy you want as a teammate. He’s a maestro on the field and a dude who keeps everyone in good spirits off the field. It’s one thing if you’re a benchwarmer whose sole function is comedic relief. But when you’re arguably your team’s best player and the class clown, you’re doing something right.

Hazard is hardly a trailblazer, though. Drogba & Co. were clowning on their Chelsea teammates way back in 2008. Watch Didier, Michael Essien, and the rest of the gang razz Lassana Diarra by preventing his escape from a friendly reporter. Essien’s got him in an arm bar like he’s making a citizen’s arrest.

Chelsea fanbase, deservedly, doesn’t have a reputation as a paragon of virtue. Their players, however, seem like genuine, good natured folks. From these videos, at least. That’s not to say that there aren’t certain Chelsea players, who, from time to time, or all the time *John Terry*, find themselves in sticky situations of their own creation off the field.

Nobody’s perfect, but at least Eden Hazard and his Chelsea mates have a sense of humor. Life’s too short not to laugh.


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