Aston Villa are the biggest club in the West Midlands

Football in the West Midlands has a long and illustrious history, with numerous league titles and cup triumphs among the major sides. Some have experienced troubles in recent years and some have experienced great success, but one way or another they’ve all made a name for themselves.

Now, please put down your knives and pitchforks if you don’t agree with the title statement. This argument is purely based on history and the general size of the football club. In comparison to their local rivals, Aston Villa are the biggest football team in the West Midlands.

I can’t imagine how many of you want to murder me right now, so I’ve decided to run through the history of the main contenders in order to justify this decision. I apologise to all Walsall fans, also known as the little brother who desperately wants to be noticed, for their absence. Sorry.

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